Eileen Shaffer

My philosophy

I encourage students to play to their highest level of performance, and I strive to motivate them to grow in their love of music while using their skills. I invite feedback so I can better meet their musical needs and goals.

Successful piano study depends on the agreement of common musical goals between teacher and student. In general, students who are successful in piano study:

  1. *Come from families who appreciate and frequently listen to classical music.

  2. * Have parents who seriously take the role of “coach” in this endeavor, whether or not they are musicians themselves.

  3. * Demonstrate good manners, such as arriving on time with clean hands.

* Are prepared to practice as instructed on a well-tuned piano  at least 5-6 days each week.

Certificate of Merit

Evaluations MTAC

Certificate of Merit is a statewide evaluation program increasing in enrollment each year. Because it provides achievable goals, students thrive, improve their skills and enjoy being  rewarded for their work.

Although optional in my studio,   CM provides the motivated student reward for achievement and a measure of their success. And while 5% of participants statewide are selected for performance at the MTAC State Convention, more than 40% of the CM students in my studio are recommended for both local and statewide honors.

There is a one-time yearly fee to participate, depending on the student’s level, approximately $80-140.



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The gift of Music

Enthusiasm is contagious.

My goal is to motivate students through enthusiastic encouragement and positive interaction while training students to persevere and learn resilience---two necessary qualities in developing any skill.

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